spring settle after SOA?

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May 22, 2003
I am in the middle of SOA swap, getting ready to set pinion angle and steering. I am wondering how much did your springs settle in and how long it took?

I am about 6.5 in lift in front and 5.5 in rear currently, and was already nose high before hand, now a good 2 in nose high after. So i need to pull a leaf in front to help level her but dont want to if she will settle out to much. Ideally i would like around 4" -5" all the way around level to ass high, no nose high crap.
yes they settle, to nearly flat. I kept all the leaves in my packs, and ran 1" custom rear blocks for a short time until they flattened completely. Can always lengthen the rear shackle to add some height there too.
were you nose high and settle even or ass high? amount of lift after settle?

Also have 1.5in longer shackles in the rear both now and before soa. Also no winch, no big bumber, and this will mostly be a on road use only, i am building another one for off road. It will not be able to have the spring workout that the off road would provide so will i settle that much and how long would it take?

I am thinkin i should pull a leaf in front, and run it and decide if it settled to much later i could put it back in.

sorry this is on a 79 fj40 sbc, th350, all the rest cruiser.
pull the shortest leaf then, or the shortest two.

I haven't seen two with the same height yet on a SOA, too much customization, and I no longer remember what mine was (tho nose high rings a bell...but that was with 55 fronts and stock 40 rears, now it's 55's all around)

if it's mostly road use, it should take a while to settle...
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sorry this is on a 79 fj40 sbc, th350, all the rest cruiser.

add leafs to the rear ...with a SBC you will need the wrap control of a thicker pack on the street .... .02ct
One thing to consider is axle rap in the front under heavy road breaking. The pinion will rotate up with out the short spring, therefore changing your caster angle and making it difficult to steer, not to mention possible center pin breakage. In the rear I would definitly build a track bar to subside the twisting in the rear which always happens with a small block. I pulled the short leafs in the back and put taraflex shackles on and built a track bar which leveled me back out, but every cruiser is different.

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