spring pins

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
i dont feel like blowing 75 bucks on geasable spring pins but if i have to i will but does anyone know where to get stock spring pins? are they cheaper(hope so) thanks....
SOR has them. You can make your own, but you need a drill press, good drill bits, a tap and the zerks. If you don't have the tools, its cheaper to buy premade greasables.
I didn't install greasable spring pins on my 40, just greasable shackles. I will convert the stockers to greasable eventually because I have the tools necessary available. It is by no means necessary to have greasable pins.
nope not that i know of, i did not take the springs apart... i just heard that it is a good idea to replace them when going to a spring over because of the stress..if thats not really a big deal then i wont buy em?? you know anything bout this???
You'll likely end up replacing the pins because when you remove them you may end up beating the snot out of them. There is no need, so far as I can see, why used spring pins would not work.
If/when I do a SOA I probably won't replace them. I didn't when I lifted it SUA, and don't see why I would need to with SOA. Its the same amount of weight pressing down. Mine are 30 yrs old and look fine.
If money is an issue don't. If you don't mind spending the money then get new greasables. You can avoid messing them when removing them by liberal application of PB Blaster prior to removal, and just be sure you don't beat directly on the threaded end of the pin with a hammer to knock it out. (Thread a nut on, or use a brass drift in the middle of the end of the bolt where there should be a small indentation.) Either way its not going to make or break the SOA.

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