Spring pin SNAFU (not center pin)

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Sep 18, 2002
Rosamond Ca.
Taking the time to swap the new front leaf springs in, I had to cut the old frame side spring pins out. I didn't want to, but they weren't moving (I think this is my 40's way of getting back at me for working on the 80). When I went to put the new leafs in I realized my folly! DOH I don't have a spare pair of spring pins! I have been reading on some failures of the greasable ones recently and I don't think I want to put a set of those in. I am SOA, Stretched wheelbase, locked front/rear and hydro assist steering, so I think the aftermarket stuff will be short lived? Am I wrong in assuming this? It looks like there are a couple places I can get both types, so I don't think availability is an issue.
Hi All:

If you don't care about grease-able, or not than go with whichever you can source the cheapest. IMO quality-made grease-able spring (fixed-end) pins are as good as the OE solid pins.



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