Spring pad measurments for fj62

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Feb 23, 2011
So, I wanted some beefy axles for my 69 cj-5. I wanted to retain the Dana 18, so a ps drop was needed. After searching a while I decided to go with 1987 fj 62 axles. These are currently stock with the "good hubs:. I am looking to put some super shafts, gm e breaks, and a e locker in the front and rear later.

For now though I need to know the spring pad measurements from the center of the axle. I am keeping this sprung under and want to keep the spring mounts as close together as possible(without cutting into the diff).

I picked these up last fall, left the next day for work,returned late December and did some small work on the jeep. it was simply to dang cold and I did not get the shackle location measurements.:crybaby: I know the axles are 60/58 the closeness to the cj's 55/55(and the stock beef over a 44) is why I bought them.

I just want to know the spring pad measurements from the center of the axle so I can do some pre planning for my return here in 3 weeks. Thank you.
Dana 18 is the transfer case. 29.5 inches centerpin to centerpin.
really???? a jeep with 62 axles.......That's an oxymoron isn't it?

Jeep frame/firewall/grill(just enough so it is legally a 69), actuator leveling Briggs & Stratton 2 stroke (projected 73 mpg average) powering a Eaton axial pump/hydraulic motor(643 lb/tq@4665rpm. 87lb@660 minimum rpm. Estimated 0-75 in 6 seconds in high gear, 0-131 in 9 seconds in overdrive 2 seconds to float the clutch until 10mph/minimum rpm is reached then increase rpm without shifting to speed. 10.2" per second craw in lowest gearing.) running through a Ford transmission, a Jeep transfer case, Toyota axles(4.11) with GM breaks. 1.75 OD dual layer cage/body carrying a hdpe body/umwpe skid-plates.

I stopped playing the my brand is better then your brand a long time ago. I use what is best for the practical application. It is cobbled up, but has to be to handle the Eaton's torque.

FJ-62 axles were the correct size, shape, gearing, weight, and could be minimally built up to strength for this application. That is why they will be under this project.

When I finish it in 2015 (5 year/$14,000 project.I am ahead on funds and behind on schedule due to working away from home to much) it will be a impressive ride.
Moving the sping pad on the rear is no problem, narrowing the front may not be possible as the pad is right next to the diff already.

That 29.5 is only the front, rear sping pads are almost 40 inches center pin to pin.

OH dang thanks for that Tony. So much for using the spring pads as mounting locations(to prevent housing distortion) for the linkage in the rear. No Big but nice to know.
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