Spotted - Tsawwassen to the Island

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Dec 29, 2006
Blew by a stock HJ81 today plotting slowly North on Hwy 99. I think it was grey but you know they all look the same in my rearview mirror. ;p The HJ81 did catch up to me at the Ferry Terminal Cashier Booth. I presume he was sent to be with the cars and I was sent to be with the real truck.

While boarding the ferry, I spotted and waved to a guy in a very nicely expedition rigged white with red JDM striping HJ61. Ya, he was with the real trucks too. :flipoff2:
Yep... bored on the road and out...

Ghetto fishing with the 2 stroke and the 2X4. Nice. 6 visible rods and how many licenses?

The laughable part is, besides the brilliant rejoinder from Axel, was the concept of you 'blowing by the HDJ'... Guess you were in the Camry huh?

is that a nuclear power plant or something of equivalent toxicity in that very hazy background...?

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