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Mar 4, 2010
Charlotte, N.C.
So any one go to any sporting events? I.e. Riverdog games, hockey, Clemson football?

I'm a huge Clemson fan and tailgate at a house next to the Esso, also would like to go to a riverdogs game on a Wednesday night, all you can eat and drink for $20! So just seeing what else everyone likes.
My wife and I go to a couple Clemson games every year since we both went there. A brief time for the both of us but Clemson is in our heart ad we bleed orange.
We go to some Riverdog games, bough we haven't been in a while. We have 3 small kids so we can not go do things like would like. Especially with a 7 month old.
We really enjoy going to the Charleston Battery soccer games.

How did you manage that spot by the ESSO?
My Wife to be (June 25) and I both went to Clemson also, met in Martin Hall and have a love for everything Clemson! So when she was at Clemson she was a member of what is called the "Cheap Seats" which was a bus that was parked in the outfield at baseball games. It has now been retired and is a permanent part of Clemson next to the Cajun Cafe at the baseball stadium. Well a guy that is a member of cheap seats also owns the house 2 doors down from the Esso so that is how we park there. I'm hoping I don't miss a single home game this year but I am sure I'll have to for work (Reeds Jewelers at Northwoods mall) again mall cruiser jokes acceptable. I do plan of fabricating a hitch that also doubles as a tap, so I can keep my homebrew on tap and nice and cold.
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