Split Case Bolt Torque Specs

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Oct 9, 2014
High Point, NC
I had a used split case rebuilt and just finished removing and replacing the outer case bolts after coating the threads with anti seize. The case had three seized and broken bolts when I got it and I would like to avoid that in the future. What I don't know is what the torque setting for the bolts should be for the bolts holding the two halves together. Anyone know?
From my 1989 FJ62 FSM:

Transfer front case X Transfer rear case 17mm 47 ft-lb
14 mm 29 ft-lb
The bolts I am asking about are 12mm. But I believe I can use the 14mm setting as a starting point.

Thank you.
IIRC the 14mm referenced is the 10mm diameter bolt - Toyota standard torque specs for 6T bolts of that size is 29 ft-lb

47 ft-lb seems right for 12mm diameter bolts - that's the torque for the transmission to transmission housing for the FJ62 automatic transmission. Those are 12mm diameter bolts.

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