Splined lug nut key sockets

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Feb 7, 2016
Olathe, KS
I have Gorilla lug nuts on my ICON 17" Six Peed Wheels. I of course have the key but would like a version of the key that has a 1/2" socket drive end rather than the 3/4" hex end that requires a 3/4" socket. I get that they make them this way to allow the use of a standard lug nut wrench but I carry a breaker bar and torque wrench and often an impact. I've seen spline sockets that have the 1/2" sockets end but none that work with my Gorilla lug nuts. This has to be out there, so, does anyone have one of these? If so where did you get it?

Amazon product

If this really doesn't exist, I'm going to tack weld a 3/4" socket to my key.
Would this work?

The ones one amazon are weird, supposed to be a 21mm but fits loosely and the second hex flange doesn't fit a 22. Im confused myself.
Ive been meaning to look for a better one, but ive been looking at ordering a new full set from here but its pricey:
That one (black) looks like the one for my 80’s lugs. If so, it’s too small for 200 lugs.
Would this work?

I don’t think so the splines are not the same. My belief, but I could be wrong, is that each lug nut manufacture has a proprietary spline detail. So you have to use the key provided with the lug nut kit. I don’t see that Gorilla makes what I’m looking for. I’m hoping that I’m wrong and the Gorilla spline arrangement is not proprietary and others make adapter keys.
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