Splangy's 1981 FJ40 Restoration Thread

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Aug 4, 2009
New Hampshire
It's a rainy Friday night up here in NH and I'm finally getting around to starting a thread for my '81 FJ40 restoration. My plan:

-Starting with an '81 FJ40 with power steering
-2" Lift
-33x9.5's (picking up a brand new set tomorrow morning from fellow mud member)
-Soft and hard tops
-Everything else will be stock
-Truck was originally white, then painted that ugly beige by the PO. New paint will be BC/CC Dune beige. I'll be doing this myself. :rolleyes:
-I hate wagon wheels. Yes, even the "D" window Toyota wheels that came stock on these, so I'm going with the earlier grey hub cap style wheels. The wheels in the photos are just rollers for the resto.

Here's what it looked like when I picked it up in VT:
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Looking good man! I dig the year too, and soft top...NICE!
Welded in new rear quarters and rear floor.

PPG Epoxy primer and UPOL Raptor lined (tinted to Dune Beige)the bottom of the tub this past weekend. Should get the top of the floor done this weekend. Planning on painting it next weekend. That's it for now.




At this pace it will never get finished.Could you speed it up a little.Very nice work!:)
Nice looking work space! That engine looks beautiful man! Keep up the good work...
Well done, looks good.
Have it done for the Fall Gathering?
Hard top is looking good, were you able
to salvage much from the one you got from

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