Spider gear question

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Sep 28, 2004
Spokane, WA
I have a 73 Pig. Are the spider gears the same spline as an 85 minitruck? I ask because I have everything I think I need to do a disc brake swap from an 85 mini truck.

I have a bad feeling that they aren't the same.

If they are not the same, how can I change them to be the same? Do I use the spider gears from the minitruck?
i dont know for sure, but the mini's have a 8" diff dont they?
lc's are 9.5
i would prolly bet that they are different.

hopefully someone who knows for sure will chime in...

Use your inner axles from your pig and use the birfs from the mini axles. the spline in the birf is the same.
There is a technique to reinstalling the inner shaft into the birf using the "c" clip. I haven't ever done it. Seen it done, I was about drunk, believe it involved a BFH.

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