Speedo needle change

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Nov 29, 2012
I screwed up cleaning up my guages and broke the speedometer needle. I was taking it all apart to put in new leds. Can it be replaced and if so where do I get one and how do I replace it.
If you can get a new one, it'll be at the dealer. So try them first.

If not, then you'll need to source a good used needle.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
If you can't get it from the dealer, I've used aerosol can straws as a replacement to repair broken speedo needles. I'm talking about the small ones from a WD40 can. It's crude but you can make it look good if you take your time.
Get a good used complete speedo,went thru this a while back,made my own needle out of some piece of thin plastic like the original,painted it orange etc,glued it on,way off,not the correct weight,they are very finely balanced!
Speedo was way off.
Oh thats right used a old motorbike carby needle i had in parts bin,waste of time......

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