Speedo housing double seal mod. Tell your results

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May 4, 2011
Golden Colorado
I am about to reinstall my parking brake and speedo housing. It was leaking before I took it all apart, but not sure of the source. I figure now is the time to fix it. Considering buying the double seal housing and some ultra black on the splines and washer. I need to check the drum shaft for grooves when I get home. If its grooved then a speedi sleeve will be in the mix too. I read up on Guppies thread on modifying it as a DIY , but he ended up buying the housing. Who here has done the mod and had success? Any tips? Is there another thread that I missed?
Howdy! I was going to do this mod for my Piggy a few years ago, but just a new seal in the old housing and a speedy sleeve, plus lot of RTV on the splines, fixed mine. It has not leaked any since then. I did pick up an extra speedo housing with a new seal and speedo gear, but I have never gotten around to milling it out and fitting the second seal. It does seem like a good idea, though. IIRC, the inner seal is a bit narrower than the OEM seal. The body of the speedo is just a little too short to mill it deep enough to place two full sized seals in it. Good luck, John
Just did the double-seal housing on my '75. The Bearing retainer (speedo housing) I got from Mark A. at Marksoffroad.net (core exchange). Came with two new OEM seals installed. Used the Toyota transmission orange FIPG on the shaft splines, and behind washer, let it cure overnight before filling t'case, and good so far.

I like the set up. No way it's gonna leak after that.
I took the drum off to fix the drip a few years ago, was surprised to find two seals already in it...then I recalled that Mudrak had a hand in building this doubler for Morgan, whom I bought it from. Probably built around 2000 AD.
Takes 2 OEM seals. I used just a little RTV on the splines, next time I'll use the FIPG. Got a slow drip again.

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