Speedo cables. 2 pc vs 1pc. Parts Gurus Ahoy!

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May 25, 2013
Nashville, Tennessee
Can the split speedo cable be replaced with a single cable? If not, where can I get a replacement short/rear section of the 2pc cable?

I just know somebody knows the answer to this...

tick tock
you can replace the 2 piece design with a 1 piece and bypass the thingy on the firewall.
You mean the thingy on the transfer case? I was going to check the input of the t-case and see if it's like a late model cable.

Thanks. I knew it wouldn't take long to get an answer...
I was thinking the 2 piece speedo cable from the mid 70's, 1 went from the transfer case to the passenger fire wall box then another went from the box to the speedo guage. it was an emissions thing.

are you asking about something else?
I think you’re referring to the speed maker gadget that was a ~8” piece at the tcase...yes, they can be deleted. The attachment at the tcase is the same but (like you probably know) the dash cluster is different through the years (clip vs screw).
That's it. The short piece at the bottom, a big greasy junction mounted on the side of the case, then all the way up to the dash cluster. I'm still in pieces on this truck so I haven't check the fitment of the top end. I believe it's a clip in. I'll check later.

Thanks guys.
The speed sensor shows 3/69-9/71. My 9/67 68 model did not have one. It also only had a single pulley harmonic balancer. I've read 68 should have a air pump but min did have one or the second pulley drive one. 69 didn't have a air pump so possible the speed sensor started before 3/69 when the air pump dropped for a few years. :meh: The one one the firewall started 1/75. The screw on cable switched to clip style 9/72 with the 73 model.
if you get desperate the regular cable will work just have to route it so it takes up the extra length .I had some of the short cables just don't know where they are right now
I've installed a single line. It is a little long but that's not too bad. Then, sure as sh.. I need a screw on instead of clip on to the speedo.

Geeze, it never ends...
So. Guys. Is there a magic shelf that actually has the part I need? A one piece, full length speedo cable that screws on at both ends? Female thread at the bottom, male thread at the top. AND about 65" long. I bought the one piece at the suggestion of a supplier that says "this replaces the two piece." ...Not if it's the wrong year!

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