Speedhut gauges

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Oct 4, 2004
I've got a set of lcwizard brackets to put Speedhut gauges into a stock '87 FJ60 gauge bezel. I will be using the 4" Quad Gauge - Water Temp, Volts, Oil psi, Fuel Level. Auto Quad Gauges From Speedhut. . Speedhut includes the sensors for the gauges but I will need some adapters to go from the metric threads of my stock 2f to the 1/8"-27 NPT of the Speedhut sensors. Speedhut sells the adapters, Metric Adapters , but I am uncertain as to the actual size of the OEM temp and pressure threads. The choices from Speedhut are M18x1.5, M12x1.5, M12x1.75, M14x1.5, M16x1.5, M10x1, and M12x1. Does anyone know the thread counts for the temp and pressure senders on the 2F?
The temperature sender is 3/8" straight pipe thread (IPS). It is not tapered.
Thanks OSS. Speedhut doesn't sell a 38" to 1/8" adapter but I can probably get it at McMaster-Carr.

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