Specter Seat Covers

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Jun 10, 2004
Portland, OR
Does anyone have experience or comment about Specter seat covers; good/bad/indifferent. Like most things with Specter they are spendy but I figured that the fit would be good.

I've had SOR cover on my 60 for probably 15 years and also on the wife's 80.
They fit good, are plain jane cottony fabric. And you can wash them.
I have no problem with them and have been happy.
There may be fancier ones out there, not sure.
Definately wasn't years back.

I have the SOR ones on my 60 as well as my 80. Happy with both of them and would pay for them again.

They are done nicely to fit well.
Basically the same comment - I have them on 2 of my 60's and am very happy with them. They fit great, protect the seats well and look nice.
I've used (a few) cotton gray bath towels on my seats since '88. They still almost look like new (the seats... not the towels).
I like towels because:
  1. Cheap
  2. Comfortable
  3. Absorbent
  4. Protect the seats very well
  5. Super easy to remove to shake out dust or launder
  6. Replacements can be found anywhere

... I guess towel covers don't look quite as snazzy as a proper seat cover, but I like the look (and especially the soft feel) of them.
Also towel covers can come in handy (literally) to wipe your fingers on the bottom portion that dangles off if need be. No big deal if they get stained... Just lock up the hubs, put her in 4Lo & take a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond :)
For as old as mine are I would say they have held up great, a little faded but they are still very nice.
had the camo tuff duck cotton covers in my old 60, front and rear and loved them. they were off a lot to get thrown in the wash and still fit like a glove years later. they did fade, as have the denim tuff duck covers i've been running in my 80s. i'm short, so i slide in and out and these don't move. well worth the mon
Thanks everybody for your comments. I think I'll give the specters a shot. I reupholstered the front seats a couple of years
ago and should have done it then. Dixie likes riding in the front but what can you do.

I'm liking the look of the cargo area so thanks for posting that.

Mud forum; always helpful.....
I've had the pleather/vinyl ones for several years now and love them! I had them installed with new seat bottoms and added seat heaters and they are comfortable as well as durable. I live in the south and it gets pretty warm and humid here but that's never bothered me with these seats. I've got some pics of my truck here in the forum so take a look. Spendy but worth it!
Agree with all the above. I've had mine about 6 years and they do fade, but have held up very well to all kinds of tools dogs schmutz and fat azzes thrown at them.

I bought some cheapie ones for another 60 I had (ebay covers) and the seams where tearing on the driver's seat after the 1st year. Duct tape to the rescue 'cuz real men don't sew.
"Internets" says that they are out for delivery. Excited to get them and I'll post up comment when they are installed.

Thanks again to all.
Ok, so I put the Specter seat covers on this weekend. The fit is great ....I like the look.....and they are going to do a nice job protecting the seats. Nice map pockets on the back of the front seats. Wondering why I didn't do this years ago. Oh, they were expensive that's why. Worth it!
Until we see an actual picture of said newly installed seat covers, none of us will be fully satisfied with the conclusion of this thread.. we are all hanging here on pins and needles with coitus interuptus :)
Well, we sure can't have a case of CI so I'll see if I can figure out how to post up some pics......as soon as it's light enough in Oregon to get that done.
^^ I thought they turned out great!

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