Wanted Specific Random parts for 97 FZJ80, other years should work too

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May 26, 2010
Amarillo, TX
United States
i have just recently purchased my first FZJ80 and am in need of a few parts. hopefully i can explain enough details of items.

1) both DS and PS split window vent cover. the black piece that is vented and mounts towards the rear section of the split windows. i have that area open to the elements and just have rubber flappy do's that are for some venting purpose into the body. IF SOMEONE CAN EXPLAIN THOSE FUNCTIONS AND EVEN CORRECT NAME FOR ITEM NEEDED, BY ALL MEANS. the clips or pieces that would have held the trim piece on are ALL busted off too, and figure that any 80series Cruiser would work for replacement.

2) DS side view mirror motor part that mounts to outer cover. (power mirror motor mount, w/ mirror if they cannot be seperated). All my vehicle and trim is BLACK, and the mirror is LOOSE. i have tried the screw underneath mirror method and now my threads in motor case that holds mirror to outer cover is stripping out AND noticed the little notched sections that hook onto outer mirror cover were broke (MUST BE WHY THE MIRROR SHAKES ON VIBRATIONS)

3) PART #?...i also have the semi-common power seat malfunction! everything works but moving forward and backward. YES both white plastic end caps are MISSING IN ACTION. could also be the white plastic gear box, but dont know untill i try the end caps FIRST. was reading that majority of time its the END CAPS. SO IN OTHER WORDS, I NEED 2 WHITE PLASTIC END CAPS FOR SEAT GEAR BOX

Thank you ALL for an AMAZING SITE,

I believe I have the vents and the seat parts, email yardpig@shaw.ca and I will check for you and supply pics.

Someone on here has the white clips/plugs for sale.
i did notice there was a link to a website where they were being sold for two caps $10-new and two gears $20-new. i am gonna check on the post above about the vent covers for rear windows. im sending you an email next.

Also search the 80's section for shaky mirror fix.....little RTV and its done.

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