Speaking of road trips - California to Swine-O-Rama

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Jul 13, 2003
Folsom, CA
My planned route to Colorado Springs for the Natioanl Swine-O-Rama is old Highway 50 all the way. No interstates. It is about 50miles longer than the I80 route. Small towns and two lanes most of the way.

Any California Pigs want to tag along? I will organize everything with scheduled stops along the way. It's about 1300 miles. 3 days maybe.
I love US 50. I've taken it a couple of times to Utah/Colorado. Don't think I'll be joining you though...

I would love to go to Swine-O-Rama. If I do make it, it would be fun to caravan there.
MiniPigg said:
is calicokid going?

Don't know. I will hit up others I know, that aren't on this list, to caravan along.
Im still in the - want to, don't know if I can - mode.

If I do, I would be willing to caravan 50 with ya!

If all goes well I will defiantly do my best to go. This summer I’m going to be gone on a five week vacation to St. Marys Idaho, Victoria B.C. back to Cal. And everywhere in between. And I guess off to Colorado for the pig run for her 500,000 mi. birthday. This is my plan.

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