Speaking of door locks

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Oct 6, 2003
Im fine tuning the fit of the hard top and full doors, first time they have been on sence frame up resto. The lock I have for my driver door is not the same as the tail or the ingnition and I don't have the key for it. Can lc locks be re keyed or worst case can a locksmith make a key for this lock?
From what I can tell in the owner's manuals, the keys for the rear doors and front doors for (at least my early 70's vintage) were different when they came out. I am told they can be easily rekeyed.
What Toyota used to do was provide two types of keys. A master key which works all locks and ignition and a valet key which does the ignition and front doors.
The thought was that when you have valet parking you give the attendant the valet key and he cannot access the trunk.
The theory works for sedans but not for 'Cruisers. :cheers:
Ah-ha. :D

Anyway, Joe, I had my local locksmith rekey mine to match last year.
Being a locksmith myself, I know you can get the door lock rekeyed to the same key as your ignition. Also on my 40 with barn doors I have modified a door lock so it is on the same key as the door and ignition and retro fitted it to the barn door. So know I have one key for all Locks something Toyota should have done originally, I reckon. I am not sure if a locksmith would go to this much trouble though, I know I wouldn't it was only cause it is my truck.........Dazz
heck, just try the same key. mine'll work with anything. :D

oh, take out the cylinder to the door and spray it down with some wd-40. they're really really nasty most of the time.

did that to mine, and it worked with the wrong key, so i was happy.


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