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Mar 28, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
Can I get some answers from learned ones about which speakers I can put in my cruiser? I want to keep the factory covers.....
See my post from a few weeks ago about the Eclipse SE speakers.
Good timing.

I have the Eclipse speakers ordered...waiting for them to show.

I also ordered replacement front dash speakers (4") to go in the stock tweeter holes. These will be wired in series to provide a good external speaker system for my in dash CB.

The Eclipse seem to be the most "bolt in" solution and the price and performance seems to warrant that route.

I understand you can mount deeper speakers with a little tweaking of the front of the mount with some spacers...sounded like a headache to me...

Good Luck!
Following Cary's lead, I ordered some......fronts are on back order, rears came in Tuesday and are installed......no problem whatsoever, and retained the factory appearance.

Now pursuing a small JL dual voice coil sub in the Landcuriser OEM panel on PS Rear..........
how do they sound?

I am waiting on mine to show so I am curious.
Cary, or others -
Do you know if the same Eclipse will fit the 100 series?
I run itunes on my powerbook through the cassette adaptor and may have boosted the bass end just a wee bit too much :'(
I tell you what, the Alpine 5.25 fit pretty well in the stock front. All you need is a spacer. There is a slight bulge out of the side of the body panel but its not noticable. Comes out abuout an inch. YOu can keep stock grilles too. Rear is a different story. I ghetto rigged mine. Drilled the little plastic basket the old ones were in and got a set of 4s and tied them to the basket with twine and screwd the basket back into the door and put the alpione gills over it. Excuse my spelling errors.
i put the eclipses in the front and rear in a '94 (pre baggies) -- you will find them more difficult to install in a pre '95 -- i'll bet my LEDs on that --

Amen to the MB Quart brother! Same here, except for the 15" Stroker sub...

Old school Xtant's to the highs and mids, good ole' US Amps to the sub.

Alpine 7930 ( the good one)

Clarion ProAudio EQ ( the good one.... digi-spectrum analyzer, etc.)

Alpine signal processing...
Thanks for the info.....do these specs sound about right? What model Eclipse?????

"Front dash speakers are 3.5" inch (REMEMBER TO DISCONNECT THESE IF YOU UPGRADE THE FRONT DOOR SPEAKERS), Front doors, 5.25", rear doors 4" and rear of truck 3.5"."[/b][/b]
MB Quart does make some thin speakers that should fit, they are just so bright, I would rather stick an icepick in my ear.

Specs look right for speakers.

I plan on going after my rear openings with my dremel and making a 5.25 speaker fit.

I plan on running 4 of the Eclipse SEs and nothing else (no need for a sub for my tastes).
Eclipse SE-8242 4" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair) $69.99
Eclipse SE-8252 5.25" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair) $79.99

These are the models Cary suggested. I got mine from etronics.com.

On the Quarts, I tend to agree with Care regarding the 'overly bright' sound. Used to have Quarts and a Atomic sub in a 240z, and swapped them out for Boston Acoustics and JL sub. Simply comparing those two, I strongly preferred that Bostons (which i understand now have declined in quality). My 2 cents. Of course , whadda' I know...I'm sacrificing quality for OEM appearance with the Eclipses above...:)
Concerning the Eclipse 5.25 in the rear doors. If you are willing to undertake the work to put these in, they represent a significant upgrade from the 4" drivers.

Concerning Boston Acoustics- The original Boston Pro car speakers were absolutely amazing. I used to run a pair in my old BMW and frankly they were better than my $400 A/D/S 335i speakers. Unfortunately Boston has gone to the brash in your face sound, nothing like the great stuff they used to make. Same thing happened on the home side. They used to make nice laid back speakers (eastern sound), the last five years they have gotten brighter and in your face.

You're making me weepy with reminiscing. Before the serious car audio thing became the annoying social trend it is today, I put a full complement of Boston Acoustic speakers in my '86 Jetta GLI, along with Alpine signal processing and some of the fastest amps in the business. The car went from the dealer to the sound shop, where they tore apart most of the interior to run wires, cut huge holes in the parcel tray for speakers, etc. 4 days later I got my new Jetta and it made driving a multimedia experience. Even audiophiles got in that car and pronounced it the best sound they'd ever heard. Too bad Boston's begun following the crowd after leading in the right direction for so long.... I have a set of their mid size cabinet speakers from the same era. About 4 years ago, I called to ask if the lifetime warranty would apply to a blown tweeter. Yep - sent one out free for my 15yo system. Ah well, things change, right?
MB Quart here to in the front doors. Haven't replaced rear doors yet. Is it really worth it. Fronts did require a spacer, but the look great.

Junk, did you replace rear doors with MB's as well? Spacers needed?
Since we're slinging opinions like a bunch of monkeys slinging s**t. One word: DynAudio.

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