Speakers and sound for 95 FJ80

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Feb 19, 2006
Wilmington, NC
OK, after only a few days I have realized Toyota did not put much thought into the sound system. Anyone got ideas on how to improve it with out spending a mortgage payment. The driver and passenger door speakers are not deep enough for a standard replacement speaker. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.:)
Search it up. I just searched this a few days ago, found lots of good information.

I can suggest that the statement is incorrect for standard speakers not fitting. I just put in Polk DB speakers will fit with minor spacers and alittle hole cutting. I put component speakers (db6500) in the front and singles i(db650)n the second row doors. Stand alone sub with housing in the rear.
They were tight but will fit. Put in a good head unit (Pioneer Premier) to start, then when you can afford to add an amp. Keep looking.
I am currently building my system as well. Was trying to install a set of MB Quart PSC216 component in the front, but the space is not deep enough. Need more than an inch of spacer to make it fit. With the aftermarket grill will make it looks weird but excellent sound. I think I found a set of nice speaker that sounds very good...look into the new mb quart RUA216. or RUA213 You should be able to install this without any spacer or mod, very shallow speaker(1.65' of mounting depth) . I read the review form performance and sound for this speaker, and the review is very good as well. But the placement for the tweeter is a bit tricky on MB Quart component system. A lot of people complaint it is too bright, I was one of them. You have to install them off axis and place them in different location to achieve the sound stage and quality u want. Once you get it, you will be smilling everytime you listen to your music =) Will post mine once I install everything, still shopping for a headunit...most likely a Eclipse cd8445.
ohh yea for got to tell you Ebay is still the best place to get them...the cheapest I found is $179.99+$25 shipping. good luck...beleave me, this is some of the best speaker =)
The space for the door speakers is limited, but there are several models (Alpine, Eclipse, etc.) that fit with spacers and you can still use the stock speaker grills. There's a write up in the FAQ on this that gives you the model numbers and some photos.

I got my Alpine speakers for the front for $55/pair and the rear ones for $49/pair. The FAQ for speakers is in the BLING section of the FAQ https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=10848
I put Kenwood Xcellon 6.5" speekers in the front last year. I mounted them to the door panel and they had plenty of room. I did the same in the back with some 5.25s but that required I enlarge the hole in the door a lottle but not much. With the recent Kenwood HU i'm in the sound system for around 250.00. I like the sound very much and for me I don't think spending more would have made a difference to me.

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