speaker size on 96 fj80? and suggestions

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Aug 10, 2011
hey everyone, I have a 96 FJ 80, i want to know what size my speakers are in the front doors and back doors.

any suggestions on alpine speakers that will work ?

thanks! looking to spend between 1000-1500
Welcome to 'mud! There are a number of threads on speaker size that will show up in a search.
search: speaker upgrade

should be useful.
im puting 6 1/2 in the doors, 3 1/2 in the dash and tweetwes in the roof in the trunk. the 3 1/2 ans tweeters will be able to fit under the stock grills also go with shallow mount in the doors so you dont hit the window tracks
I used this thread, and read through some of the links, and found Pioneer speakers to order for front doors (6.5") and rear doors (4").

However, I have tweeters in the lower dash, tweeters in upper panel of third row seat location, and a single speaker on passengers side of third row seat location and the threads or crutchfield don't seem to mention these locations. This 96 fzj is new to me and I haven't pulled those grills yet to see what's back there.

What do I have in those dash tweeter and third row seat speaker locations?
Wish I had gone with 6" instead of 4" in the rear doors! Just find the shallowest speakers you can.

I ditched the dash ones and actually use the stock driver one for my HAM radio.
I also ditched the small roof ones because they are pointless.

I didn't care about the stock look either so I ditched the stock grills.

I recently put Polk DB-6501's in the front doors, but I spent considerably less than $1000-$1500. The HU, Front speaks, sub and amp together were about $750. Sounds awesome though.
I just replaced all my speakers in two 80s. I ended up using identical 6.5s in front and back on both of them. The rears are a piece of cake, even easier than the fronts were. You don't even need to pull the door panels. Pull the crappy factory stuff, buy some 6.5s (I used pioneers in one truck and polks in the other) and some 1" spacers. Buy sheet metal screws long enough to go through spacers, and drill four holes, screw them in. Easy as pie. Having four 6.5s sounds great even without a sub, IMO.
I used Pioneer 6.5" in the rear doors, and some very thin 6.5" speakers in the front doors, while retaining the stock speaker grills, with a 350 watt powered 8" subwoofer out back mounted to my drawers.. Google " Retrosound " , they have everything you need for a perfect match on those front ones... I did away with the factory amp, subwoofer, and dash speakers.

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Look into the soundstream tarantulas...shallow enough and sound good...about. 109$ on amazon
I went Rockford 6 1/2 components for the front and 6 1/2 for the rear doors and a 10" sub in one of metric's brackets

Sound is amazing. Running a Kenwood Excelon Headunit and 5 channel amp I tried using a set if 4" speakers in the dash but took them out as they really made it hard to get a nice soundstage


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