Spare tire rack

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Nov 15, 2008
Tampa, FL
Just an FYI for later searches...

After reading many posts about how to fix my 1981 spare rack from rattling like a can tied to a rope... I keep the top off year round so the rattling gets pretty annoying on long drives. I took some advice from Mud and bought a 1979 rack to refurbish.

The problem lies in that the later models (1981 and above) had welded hinge pins that are very difficult to remove, the weld is literally inside the hinge. After you grind down half the hinge you have to get the pin out, place new bushing and hope it doesn't have slack it it after all that. And I don't have a metal fab shop in my garage!

I had read that a late 70's rack had removable pins and the bushings were easy to buy and replace... which is true, but the mounting brackets are different sizes and the bolt pattern different on the late 70's and 80's models!!!

I'm just posting this for anyone searching the topic as I've seen it come up several times. They racks are not interchangeable, guess I'm going with the "ol' Ace axe handle cover trick" to stop the constant rattling. And I've got a 77 tire rack for anyone interested!

HI Cliff,,i dont have nothing to bring to the topic,but ,,this is ur 40? @ Tampa weekend run?

Actually, Eshu... that is apparently another Cliff in Tampa that has a a red FJ40... crazy coincidence, but I've heard from several members. I think his is even an 81 like mine, they look like they are in similar conditions and both stock, too...

Small world, hope to see him sometime and get a pic with our 40s for the site...

Did you help on that Lebanon fj40 or just knew the owner? It was a beauty!!

HI Cliff..well small world jajaja.....Nomis i got ur 40 in my camera also and a blue 40 that looks similar that mine. Cliff the green 40 from Lebanon i found the owner on Facebook but its a great rig.
Even the late 70's version is a pain to get apart. I did mine 3-4 years ago and it was quite a battle. Although on my truck it would only rattle when I had my soft top up. With it down the bows pressed against the spare tire and held it tight. It bent the bows a little, but at the time I was just happy to not have the rattle. Now I have to change the bushings in the hood hinges, that ought to be fun too. Luckily I have an extra set of those.

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