Spare tire mounted to 3rd row bar

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Dec 8, 2008
Does anyone mount their spare tire on the bar for the 3rd row seat? (Properly secured with tie downs). I'm picturing the tire resting on the bar and secured from above, possibly from the mount for the rear overhead handle. I'm just not sure if a stock sized spare can fit since my 80 is somewhere else at the moment

It's going to be awhile before I can afford a rear swingout carrier. Cargo space isn't much of an issue for me and I want to gain some ground clearance. If there's a simpler solution let me know, but I'm not getting rid of my sub for anything:)
Does Slee still make the stripper pole?
I copied the way Kevin ties his down. It didnt budge at all the whole trip in Moab, AND I bought them from Wal-mart. I read through Tool R Us's link to a previous tie down thread, geez, always an expert on here telling someone else there junk is unsafe.:frown:

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