Spare tire carrier on a ARB

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Aug 20, 2010
I wanted to add a spare tire carrier to my ARB, and looked at a lot of ideas, but I also wanted something I could take of if I needed to. So this is the start of what I came up with. I will try and take more pics as I go, but I have a tendency to hyper-focus on things and forget sometimes to stop.
photo 1.JPG
photo 2 copy.JPG
photo 1 copy.JPG
step two

I ordered the spin on mount, and it took awhile to get here so I went ahead and bought the steel I wanted to use. Well the main bolt was bigger than I thought it would be so I had to make an adapter, I plan on necking this back down on the other side and return to the original size tube.
photo 4.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3 copy.jpg
Here is a far side shot, I wanted to keep the tire close to the back.
photo (2).JPG
photo (3).JPG
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Its hard to tell in the photos, but the mounts are boxed in on all sides, I called and spoke to ARB and told them what I was doing and they told me the bumper would be plenty strong enough without extra plating. So in answer to your question no.
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Looking good...nice job!


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Thanks guys.
very interesting and unique approach.

I like it.

Its not soooo ......."like everyone elses"
Thing of beauty. I AM going to copy it:flipoff2:
well then I better take good pics ;)
Ontharox said:
well then I better take good pics ;)

I'm thinking about jacking part of your setup too... :D


Sent from deep in the mountains of Honduras using only sticks and rocks.
i dont understand why ARB didn't do this sort of thing in the first place.
you did a great job :clap:
Thanks, this is a weekend project for me so I will post up more pics as it moves along, I thought I had a clear idea about how I was going to do this but it seems to be evolving as it moves along. I also have a set of barn doors from OZ that will be retro fitted next so I'm trying to keep that in mind as I build so I don't block the license plate mounting location or door handle
Have not had a chance to really test them out since the carrier is not done yet I went with the 3inch bushings to try to help make it a little more stout, I wanted a carrier that would flex a little if it was hit coming off an obstacle and not get bent were it could not be used any more. I have seen this happen a few times wheeling and they had to be forced open and ratchet strapped shut because the locking mechanism was worthless. I do have something planned into the build to stabilize it and keep it from hitting the back of the truck if thats what you mean.
I have plans to make a few different mounts for it and keep the option to mount the spare under the truck if need be. Like one for fuel cans and or coolers depending on the activity planned or a simple one with a ladder to make it a little easier to store stuff up top.
Looks like you might have used a part that I've been looking for a source for. The black piece that fits under the spinner to hold the spare to the rack, is it urethane, sort of cross shaped, and possibly has "ORI" embossed in it? If so where did you get it?

Looks good, clean and simple.

The mount or the part you are looking for is part of a mount kit made by kartek, I bought mine through rock and roll Offroad in Texas,
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