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Jul 10, 2020
I see multiple posts about the spare tire bumper and finding an OEM replacement. Thanks to several people on ih8mud I cross referenced part numbers and found that Toyota used the spare tire bumper on early FJ40s to become the adjustable hood pad on over 19 Toyota models over 15+ years. The OEM bumper is still available from many of your local Toyota dealers (or online via and others). The cost is 45-70% off what the FJ40 parts suppliers want for the same part. The orginal FJ40 part number was 5338220011. When Toyota started using it for front hood pads, they changed the number to 53382-90K01. I don't know what all years this bumper pad fits. I have a 1969 FJ40 (production 08/1968). Some have asked for a photo of the original bumper pad - here's mine while still on the vehicle before being replaced.

HELP NEEDED: I would like to replace the lower spare tire "cushion" but everything I can find says that OEM (or aftermarket) is not available. The original part number is
51907-60010. Anyone have ideas or leads on where to find an acceptable replacement?
Spare Tire Bumper (Upper).JPG
Spare Tire Cushion (Lower).JPG

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