spare driveshaft?

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Jul 8, 2005
New Kent, VA
I just finished putting the limited slip that i got from tim in my truck tonight, and i gotta figure out what to do about getting the course spline pinion flange to bolt up to my driveshaft. Cruiser outfitters sells course spline flanges with a bunch of different patterns, but i was wondering if it would be feasible to pull the slip yoke out of a 40 driveshaft and run it in mine. Does anyone know if that would work, and if so does anybody have a 40 driveshaft collecting dust someplace? The flanges from kurt are 32.50, so they arent that bad but im trying to keep the bottom line managable as i can.

Just Replace the flange with the flange off of your 62 third

just asking but did you swap out the entire third member that Tim sold you or did you swap over the ring gears?

If you did not swap the limited slip into your housing with your ring gear STOP STOP STOP do not go any further I THINK THOSE GEARS ARE 373 and yours are 411

Bad things will happen if I am right, especially if you put it in 4wheel drive on the pavement

Call Tim and check
He told me they were 4.11 but i guess i need to check.......
Tim said that it is from robs '77, so that should be a 4.11 ratio set as far as i know.
If it is the same one then it is a 4:10 gear set.

Thanks for lending some assurance rob, i figured tim either knew what ratio it was when he got it from you or had checked the teeth count. I didnt really doubt him.

You know cam, its really not nice to scare people like that. Telling a man who just drove home after spending most of the day pulling his front end apart that his tcase is gonna blow up if he runs it in 4wd is kinda rough :doh: .

So back to the matter at hand, does anybody know if my bastard 40/62 driveshaft idea is feasable? I think i may just get a new flange and call it done. If i get one that i end up needing to drill does anybody have a set of metric bits that are up to the task?


edit: BTW thanks for checking with me cam, it certainly would be a cluster f if the ratio was wrong
Matt, I would think the driveshaft would work but the u-joints may be a different size, ie smaller. I would buy the new flange or redrill the one you have.

The only problem is that the flange on the third isnt round, its rectangular. The patterns are pretty close, so i thought i might be able to kinda center my driveshaft flange over the pattern of the pinion flange and drill the new pattern, then blend the 2 holes into a slot. The ring in the center of the flange keeps it centered, so as long as there isnt any side to side slop in the flange it should be fine.

If you are coming to the swap meet we have them at Iron Pig

save shipping anyway
You talking about pinion flanges or 40 slipshafts cam? Right now im looking for a round course spline flange i can redrill. I need a couple hex head drain plugs too, i had to break out some punches and a grinder to get my front drain plug out on sunday.

was talking about flanges but not coarse spline

just take the limited slip out of the course spline and put it in the fine spline befor you break it.
dont mean to sound so negative but you should put the limited slip in your third.
...The flanges from kurt are 32.50, so they arent that bad but im trying to keep the bottom line managable as i can.


Hey Matt, I got your voicemail but either you left the wrong number or I wrote it down wront (I'm betting on the latter ;)). I was hoping you would ring me back but I didn't hear from you today so I figured I would reply here.

I have plenty of flanges in stock, let me know if you decide that is the route you want to go. Thanks!

dont mean to sound so negative but you should put the limited slip in your third.

Cam unless you want to come over here and yank the third and swap it out for me thats not happening before GSTMR. Im swamped with work this weekend and there just arent that many left. I still need to redo my exhaust or else im gonna crush the outboard pipe again like i did at crozet and i doubt my doors will open if i go to tellico for 5 days without sliders. Somehow im gonna have to work that all in along with the fact that i have finals the week before GSMTR.....

I know that the course spline is weaker but are they broken that commonly in the front? Im not running it with a locker, my gearing is modest as is my tire size, and i dont have any spring wrap issues.
Yes you will be fine with the L/S in the front you shouldn't break very easy. You should be fine

I have a tendensy to over build now to prevent breakage.
Yeah i hear that cam, if i was in a situation where i had a shop at home that i could work in during my evenings i probably would have found someone to help me swap the fine splines in, but i had budgeted last weekend to get the LSD and the axles in so that i will have a couple weekends left to try and get the other things finished that need to be done.

Plus this way if something goes wrong i have my old third i can swap in, so worst comes to worst i can just throw it back in.

Sorry for all the confusion regarding the LS. It is a 4.10. If you want to be 100% sure, lock the hubs, jack up one tire, turn the pinion one revolution & count the rotation of the tire - it should be 4+ not <4.

I had a rough time getting my driveshafts to all work to with my T/C, driveshaft, diff combo too. If Kurt's flange will fit both a 62 and a 40 pattern - go with that. (I got some from Yukon for a fine spline that matched the 62 and some mini-truck patterns, but not the 40/60 pattern :confused: ) That will make your driveshaft stock when you have to replace it AND allow you to put your old third back in if you had to.

For whatever reason, the slip yokes in a 40/60 shaft and a 62 shaft are different ODs. I think a 40/60 slip yoke will fit in a 62 shaft but not the opposite. The splines line up, but the OD hits the grease seal. You might try it, but it will sling a lot of grease I bet.

You can also take the yoke off a 40/60 driveshaft and put it on the 62 shaft by pressing out the U-joints (they seem to be the same). This is what I ended up doing in the front of mine. It is now a bastard, and will be a PITA if I have to replace something.

For $30, go with Kurt's flange - just make sure it fits the patterns you have.

Tim, i got the flange in from kurt yesterday. It is a course spline flange with the larger 40 pattern on it, but the flange is circular like the fine spline flanges. Its got plenty of room for me to drill my new pattern in it. In fact, its got enough room for 2 more in fact. Now i just gotta find the right size drill bit.....

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