Spair Fuses and Parts

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
What should we carry out on the trail or on long trip? There are several different type of electrical fuses and brakers in the fuse box, which ones should we have extra? I have extra belts and tire plug kit. What else?
Mar 27, 2003
I'm sure most people will answer with something like 'it depends' :D - which is true. Are you a 2 min walk to a nice road or 3 days?

First, do regular maintenance so things on a trail/trip are a real surprise (vs. 'oooohhhh yeah, my rad hose was kinda shot...I should have done something about that')

Assuming you are talking about parts (and not tools, first aid kit, fire extingisher, snatch straps, and emergency stuff like water, food, matches, blankets, etc) and not major parts (eg spare starter, bearings) then you could start with things like:

- Factory Service Manual - important 'part' of fixing things, or at least good reading while you wait for someone to show. Many 100 pages, so you can eat it in a pinch :D
- Spare gas
- Spare belts
- Spare fuses (automotive fuses are cheap - buy a variety) but make sure you have fuses for the vital parts that keep your truck running (vs the radio and sunroof)
- Spare oil (to full oil change and filter)
- Extra coolant
- Extra tranny and diff oil
- Brake fluid
- Rad hose
- Some spare fuel line
- Spare lights (headlight, tail, etc)
- WD 40
- JB Weld
- Hose clamps
- Zip ties - assorted lengths
- Good duct tape
- Good electrical tape

The list is endless. The longer the trip and the more remote it is, the more stuff to take. Search the net - lots of suggestions out there:

Cheers, Hugh
Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
I posted a similar question on SOR and got some good feedback. My goal is to carry those things that can be replaced to keep you from being stranded.

Adding to Hugh's list:
thermostat & gasket
5/8" heater hose (approx 3')
birfield (w/grease and tools to replace)
radiator hoses
full set of fan belts (preferably used ones... easier to install)
hose clamps (various sizes)
spare headlight relays
starter contacts (cheap insurance)
distributor cap & rotor
wheel bearings
knuckle bearings
lug nuts
wheel lugs
brake lines
spare CB radio and magnetic antenna


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