Spacer on a 3 speed

Aug 11, 2003
Fort Worth
'73 FJ40, 350, 3 speed. I had some oil leaks on my transfer in the usual places - emergency brake and the opening where my crossmember mounts to the back of the tc. When I took the crossmember off and pulled the cover, a spacer, a washer w/ some tabs, and a nut fell out. It was obvious that they went on the shaft that was sticking out but had come off. I tried to put them back, but the spacer would not go on enough to allow the washer and nut to thread up. The shaft has no play in it and the bearings inside appear ok. I don't know how long the spacer has been off, but it drives fine. What is the purpose of this spacer? Why won't it go back on?
Jun 13, 2003
The bearing floats in the TC housing. Try pushing/smacking it back a bit and see if that helps.It should hit flush/almost flush to the PTO drive gear or PTO spacer. You might also need to re set the drive gear/PTO gear if they moved backward but I doubt it. I would think the pressure from the output shaft bearing would set them. If they did move to the RR suspect the tranny/TC oil seal. Might be damaged.

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