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Dec 27, 2005
I think it is time to have my 80 to get de-rusted and painted by a very thorough and competent body shop. Not looking to do this cheap or fast, just by someone who will do it right.

Any suggestions?
I'm curious about this as well, for my 78 40. Not quite ready to do this, I would love to locate a shop, get a quote, and plan for it.
Yeah, after seeing how my 80 goes, the 55 will need to go under the knife before it fully rusts apart.
Hi, I looked for awhile,talked to a lot of folks. Now I seem to be doing all the work myself. It’s still expensive but it’s done right,even working on my Dodge Ram 1500 second generation. What I found with the many I talked to was they all had an easy time quickly asking for a lot of money but seemed to have no idea when they would start or when they would be through. This was a problem for me since I run a construction co that has to bid jobs ,stay within budget and finish on time. None of my work is in a heated and cooled building most of the time.

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