SOLD South Dakota, 2000 Lexus Lx 470 135k

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United States
Lexus Lx 470, 135000 easy miles. All stock. Everything works other then the seat memory function. Overall good condition inside and out. Was my wife’s daily driver until four car seats was not working well. I bought a Sequoia......don’t worry I have other Cruisers. Clean title. Pm me with further questions. Willing to help arrange shipping. $10k.





I will get some undercarriage photos posted soon, currently rainy and nasty so won’t be till tomorrow.
Looks like a nice cruiser. I may be archaic in my methods but could you please email me a phone # or call me at 660-446-2032.........

We have literally had 6 inches of rain since I posted this. I have been unable to get better photos. We are showing some nicer weather in a few days.
How did you use the car seats? My understanding is that car seat anchors were not standard until 2001... Any LC/LX I get would end up with car seats in it. Also, if you had any additional pics of the interior and under carriage to post, that would be great.

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