South African Aux Tank sold in USA

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x2 on the long ranger.

I read somewhere on the site that "many other models are available for many other rigs" (or something like that) they just don't stock all the tanks. They asked to be called and they'd see what they could get. That's why I'm wondering if they have 60 tanks but are just not importing them.

x2 on one big tank, buying any type of tank would mean buying a rear tire carrier, rather than that I'll just get a rear tire/jerry can set up (and carry two jerry cans and two spare tires, which I am more likely to need than over 10 gallons of fuel)) spending $1.7K(+/-) rather than $2.5K+ on the tank and the rack...I seldom range out further from fuel than what an extra 10gallons would save my ass from walking out. Oregon can get pretty remote, but there's not many places that are over 100 miles from fuel..even if your in the middle of the most remote..

All comes down to $$ or I'd still have my 40 too:crybaby::mad::crybaby:
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