Source for a TBI 350 Motor

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Nov 15, 2008
Ok I've finally decided that I want to run a GM 350 TBI and a 700R4 tranny. I have looked around though and all I can find as far as reliable sources that aren't outrageous in GM. Their motor runs around $2,100 and is basically a long block. So sourcing the ECM, Distributor, Ignition, intake manifold, throttle body, etc would be up to me. Does anyone know a good source besides GM for these motors? If not does anyone know of a good rebuilder so I can purchase an old donor motor with all the stuff to drop it in?

Also I take it Advanced Adaptors makes the best V-8 mounts etc. I assume Painless Wiring will make the best wiring adaptors?
I'm in the middle of the same project except I'm keeping the manual tranny.
I would try to source a complete running assembly from a "truck" wrecking yard. You can usually get the ECU and harness from a place that specializes in removing and reselling complete assemblies.
The bits and pieces you'll need to make it whole will all be there.
I've been sourcing stuff on ebay and its been good so far.
Then you can tear down the 350 and have it rebuilt or find a crate motor and swap it all over.

look around for a caprice or roadmaster with the 5.7 TBI engine (not the LT1), many times you can find good deals on these can buy the entire vehicle for reasonable $$. The 1500 series pickups have roughly the same engine...but hard to find good price on those.

There are some salvage yards that offer entire engine assemblies out of wreck cars on ebay.
I agree with all the above info, get complete from a wrecking yard, or buy the whole freakin wrecked vehicle. Definitely get engine,tranny,harness,ECU---nothing cut---nothing missing. The problem with partials or crate engines is that they don't include everything else you will need. I highly recommend you call for our engine conversion manual (freebie) to see what else is involved before you spend a dime.
The engine "clamshell" mounts used on the later truck engines are a good design that is reasonably easily adapted. Energy Suspension makes a urethane insert for them. Note that there is both a big block and a small block version of the mount. How they are different I don't fully know, but the inserts are not interchangeable so know which you've got if you go that direction.

Autofab's engine mounts are my next favorite. Chevy Motor Mounts

Jump on the Downey deal NOW! It used to be $25 IIRC.

I got my 5.7 Vortec & 4L60E "complete" with all accessories & ECU from a junkyard in Grand Junction, CO that a mechanic buddy of mine recommended. It was guaranteed & the 1st one they sent had a bad cylinder so they replaced it, free. Had "40,000" mi (don't all junkyard engines have the same mileage?) & was about $2,250 shipped IIRC.

Don't know why you want TBI instead of a Vortec TPI & 4L60E, though. More hp, torque, & mpg.

P.S. Dunno what kind of a rebuild you can get for $775 - that won't even cover machine work.
Prime reason for me not wanting a Vortec is that having been through getting an OBD II engine labeled in the the state of KA I've no desire to inflict that pain upon myself again.

Were it not for that I'd be all over going Vortec.
Hey, huge TBI fan here, especially when it's so freakin easy to push them up to and beyond 300HP and your communistic state officials will never know that you modified it. Check out if you want to know how to make the TBI run really, really well.
Well on the engine rebuild the guy said that it would not include machining the block unless it needed it. Now I will admit my knowledge of rebuilding motors is limited so if that needs to be done everytime I just don't know. I did find a source for a trans from a guy here in Houston. Seems to really know the 700R4 and is not shooting me some low ball price to get me in the door, but not ripping me off either.

Once again if someone knows a good engine rebuilder please share.
I plan to use these folks for my 700: Bowtie Overdrives A friend bought one from them, but sold the truck shortly after the install, so no long term experience yet.

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