Sounds like a good deal on Ebay for LX450

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not bad at all.. i was searching for a LC/4runner past 3 months or so...same 96/97 with 60-80k miles were going for $15 from dealerships are listing for $20/$22 now.. Must be cause its winter here in Wash DC...
Hmm.. I've never seen an LX450 without running boards and roof rack. Thought it was standard.

Anyways, all you can do when going this route is the research; carfax, call dealer for service history, and ask the seller any questions or concerns you have. I would highly recommend having the ebay pre-purchase inspection done (by Pep-boys). It's like $20 or $30 bucks and they'll be able to tell you about some of the stuff you can't see in pictures (brakes, oil leaks etc..).

A lot of these folks seem to brag about it being a Florida rig. Mine was from a South Florida beach and seems to have a lot of under-carrage surface rust and everytime you take something off, sand comes out. Although I'm from Knoxville, so I'm hard-wired to disliking Florida (particularly Gainesville) people :D.

Good Luck,

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