Sounds like a beehive is in my gearbox while driving in 4H.

Mar 8, 2020
i was joking about the hand off of the parts sheet to you , the joke turned out not to be funny , and made myself look a bit dumb at the same time ....

i was not trying to offed you , i apologize if i did in any way ?

were are mud buddies long term you and i and i respect your viewpoints here , of course

i feel the dealership level parts staff have gotten a sense of entitlement , to the point i am, told have all my own parts numbers or go to another dealer , they have a sign for

retail customers about Providing there own parts numbers is preferred way of doing way positive business ?

thats messed up ...

however , i am not sure of @ObservrActual 's parts look up skill sets on a bunch of small wear items hardware so , parhaps the dealer is best here due the qty of different parts numbers involved ?

again , sorry to take a joke too far with you personally ..... i meant no disrespect ...😇

kindly matt
I have yet to actually ever deal with a parts staff at a dealership, but one of the 2 mechanics I have worked with regarding this 60, is in complete agreement with you, Matt. He had nothing good to say about parts staff. But I ordered the new dome light assembly, and was confused by how toyotapartsdeal sends the part to a dealership...instead of just directly to me.

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