SOR's winshield washer kit

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Nov 5, 2011
Long Island, NY.
For all those who purchased SOR’s aftermarket windshield washer kit for the FJ-40 and 45, and have had the problems I have had, I have put together a few fixes that might help.
1st, the only fix I found for leaking nozzles is new ones. Any stile you like will do.
2nd, the plastic mounting bracket and plastic reservoir don’t stay fit together over time but a quick rap with duck tape seems to have done the trick for me.
3rd, When the motor begins to leak you can use a punch and light hammer to tighten the flanges holding the pump to the motor. That will tighten the seal and stop the leak.
I have written SOR and made suggestions on this product. Hopefully they will stop selling it or begin replacing the plastic mounting bracket for the reservoir, with one made of aluminum.

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