sorry not a cruiser but good gas mileage! (1 Viewer)

Jan 13, 2005
Boise ID
United States
My sister has a 1999 volkswagen jetta for sale. It is the 2 litre 4 cylinder has 96,*** miles with the 5 speed. Runs well just had it tuned up and checked over. Silver with black cloth interior. Nice car gets about 30 miles to the gallon, was thiking somebody may want a cheap car to drive instead of the cruiser. The problems with it is the front bumper has seen to many curbs and has started to come off but it has been fixed. There are lots of bolts up under holding it on so it is good to go. There is a small bump in the rear bumper but not bad. $7,000 obo or trade for a 95 and up tacoma. Will have her take some pictures so I can post them.
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