Sorry Another Whats it Worth Thread

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Nov 20, 2007
Greenville, SC
Again Sorry for the thread. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what FJ62 are going for now days. I realize with the economy its not a hot market out there. Reason for maybe letting it go is that I'm looking for more of a DD maybe a 100 series or a really nice 80. When i first bought it was going to wheel it hardcore but over the years, i've grown a taste for more of a scenic route than crawling. I've only taken it off road 3 times since i've owned it. Mainly to Gultches ORV park.

I'm the second owner. First owner was in the air force and the 62 was purchased from Burke Toyota in Denver. I purchased it with 152k miles on it and have only put 3-4k miles on it. Frame ws in pretty good shape, a few rust spots. First was on the passanger side fender. I ended up ripping it out when trying to take the snake binding off. I've ground the rust down with a wire wheel and put naval jelly on it. The rear passanger had some rust around the rear wheel. I grinded that down as well. I covered it in herculiner.

Newer Ultra Heavy OME kit. CS005F with all the fixings.
Less than 3k miles on 33x10.5 BFG MT
New radiator and hoses
New reman oem starter
tune up (non oem parts < - stupid i know)
New oil in pumpkins
Thule Bike rack - 3 bike trays

It will need a new rear main seal in the future. I've put 3/4 a quart since Jan.
A few dents - some pinstriping
Hood could use new paint

Pictures by jleeFJ62 - Photobucket
I cant see the rust spots your talking about, but in this area I would say its worth more as parts than a whole. You can recoup a decent amount of money by parting one out.
I'll get pictures of the rust tomorrow before i treated and covered. thanks for the info guys. You can kind of see the rust in the first pic: bottom of passanger fender and the spot on the back wheel well.

A couple of action shots:
Sorry to hear that you might be leaving the 60 ranks. You've got a good start on a great truck. I would imagine you could get close to $5000 or more with the add-ons and the low mileage. Good luck with the sale.
dont leave
but if you have to hopefuuly 4-5 k
will come your way
im sure some aspiring 60 hombre
will continuue what you have started
and ROTW will happen one day
I don't think im out yet. It was just an option that was brought up to me. We were looking to sell the lady's pilot to her sister and then i get a truck or sell the pilot and 62 and get a 02 ish LC. I dont think its going to work out. The 62 right now sits at our rental house and i drive an altima daily. I drive it on the weekends, but feel bad watching it sit through the week. I'm not sure if i could even sell it, it's what brought me into the world of LC's.

Pics of the rust before treated, a pre lift photo, and a pic of the rear main leak.
rear main.jpg
After the photos.................. I am retracting my opinion and stepping it up to $6000! I think you have a great rig there. The rust doest look to bad??...?
If you do sell, start high around $7000
Yeah, rust wasn't really that bad except up front where i ripped it out. The rest of it I took down to metal with naval jelly and a wire wheel. Thanks for the input guys.

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