SOR seat foams and tuff ducks in my 62

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Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
I bought these items NIB from Lynchmob over a year ago and finally got around to getting them installed during the past two days. I found it to be a PITA, even with my seamstress sister assisting. Doing the pax side first helps with getting the driver's side done just right. Nevertheless, we started to put the seat bottom on backwards on day two. :doh: Some photos: First, driver's side OEM foam compared to the new piece.
LCR foam0001.jpg
The mess of a driver's seat base during tear down. Tear down and reupholster took us about the same amount of time. Remembering how they come apart is essential, needless to say.
LCR seat base0001.jpg
Finished product. Want a lift? Get new foams. They put my head up near the headliner.
LCR seat0001.jpg
Nice, It is a PITA but after doing mine years ago they still look new and are much better than the stock. The key is to keep stretching and pull everything very tight, also start in the middle.
Right, you've got to start in the middle with fastening the hog wire clips to the wires reused from the old seats, then pull and stretch several times. The only wires you don't reuse are the two provided by SOR for going around the seat bottoms. The mistake we made was NOT using this new bottom wire on the passenger seat, and as a result we weren't able to stretch the bottom enough to fasten every tie on it. But, it's good enough. The seats are now so high that perfectly erect posture makes for a questionable seat belt position on my shoulder. But, I am 6'5". One more crappy photo.
car seats0001.jpg
Looks really nice, thanks for the write up!
Great job! I am sure your tush is thanking you.
Driver and passengers alike consider the beast to be a comfortable road trip ride. :steer:
What seat covers are those? I've never seen SOR tuff duck with the piping ?
The box Lynchmob sent to me had the unopened goods from SOR, complete with instructions. I definitely remember the SOR logo on the instructions. I'll look to see if there's a tag on them somewhere. Maybe they were/are an older edition of Tuff Ducks.
That would be great, thank you. If I can get a part #, I'm going to order some and do the new cushions at the same time and rebuild the seats. Those fit much nicer than the Tuff Duck slip covers I used about 6 years ago. They've held up well, but are loose.

Doing some searching, they look like Wet Okole seat covers, but who knows.

Sorry, can't find any tags on either seat. Should have kept the SOR instructions. The metal rings fitted through the sleeves in the fabric and fastened with the hog rings are what provide the nice fit.
Thanks for checking.
I replaced the seat foam and recovered mine with SOR Tuff Duck around 4 years ago. At that time SOR was discontinuing them and I got the last set in brown. You might check with them to see if they are carrying them again. The foam is a little too firm for my skinny ass, but I'm sure it will soften up over time.
@Spike Strip I think SOR carried replacement fabric sets for a short period. I wouldn't call them covers, because covers go over existing fabric. Unless I'm missing something, those look like they replace the fabric.

They are definitely not Wet Okoles though. That is for sure.
Yeah, I think they've replaced the fabric with the marine naugahyde. But I'm close to SOR so maybe I'll go by and ask. Their upholstery shop is off-site and who knows what they've got laying around.

Those fabric covers look great, though!

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