SOR seat bracket question...?

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK

Excuse my ignorance. I have the Smittybuilt roll-bar and short jump seats. At the advice of some members, I was told to order the SOR kit so I could mount the seats and the roll-bar. Well, I got the SOR seat bracket kit and am a little unsure how exactly they go together :hmm:

I don't have the roll-bar or seats here, so hopefully when I get them all in front of me I will better understand. But just in case, could someone please explain how they all fit together?

Do the tabs on the rollbar connect to the seats via these brackets? From memory, they weren't on the same level so I didn't think that was correct... So could someone please put me out of my misery? Thanks,

The spacers bolt to the tub and move the jump seats toward the middle to clear the rollbar. AFAIK they do not bolt to the rollbar at all.
Well here is the kit


Basically 4 C shaped brackets with holes at the end of each facing each other. There are no holes on the center section (longest part). I'm just not understanding how they do anything...

One end bolts to the tub the other to the seat back. Pretty simple, really.
One end bolts to the tub the other to the seat back. Pretty simple, really.

Ahh, ok :) So they basically sit how they are sitting right now? Just obviously 2 on each side?

Thank you :cheers:

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