SOR roof rack brackets any good?

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Oct 31, 2008
Terrace, BC
Did a search. So now I’m asking. Looking at doing a roof rack for my 42. There lots of brackets out there. SOR has some and since I’m ordering axle seals I figured why not order brackets as well. There are few other options that look just as good if not better but being in northern bc it’ll be easier for shipping. Anyone have any comments as to quality?

I've never heard anything from SOR easier on shipping.


There's better options for axle seals as well, cruiser outfitters is my go to vendor.
I'm a Gamaviti user as well, they've got good stuff...
Here’s a pic of my Gamaviti clamps plus your supporting a small Landcruiser vendor.

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That is correct. I posted because I considered it relevant to the general inquiry about roof rack clamps, should someone find this thread in a future search of the topic.

Indeed I agree. You sure you won’t reconsider shipping me some 🤭.

Jim, I think there will be a bit of weight on it in the future. Max a couple hundred pounds.

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