SOR replacement wheel cylinders for 71 FJ40

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Mar 30, 2016
Camarillo, CA
I initially tried to rebuild my wheel cylinders on my 1971 FJ40. After removing them, I discovered the previous owner did not have any left-handed cylinders. At that point, I decided to get new replacement cylinders from SOR. I thought I was headed down the home stretch, until I tried to screw the union bolt into the replacement cylinder. Apparently, the threaded receiving port on the backside of the replacement cylinders is a smaller diameter than the original. If anyone has used the SOR replacement cylinders, did you get new union bolts/unions? If so, what size and where?

Pretty sure your brake line needs to go in that cylinder. Think that bolt goes on the topside of your axel near the backing plate when it’s installed. My 71 is in storage or I’d go take a photo. I re-used my old hardlines. I found that some of the line nuts needed to be filed down to fit. I used a dremel chainsaw sharpening stone. The tips were mushroomed about where I drew the green arrow.

The union bolt definitely went into the back of the original cylinder (see photos and factory service manual). I briefly thought about putting the hardline directly into the cylinder. However, I believe the union bolt/union is necessary, as the bolt head appears to butt up against the knuckle steering stop bolt. I think the hardline would get crushed if I did not use the union bolt/union. Any suggestions welcomed...

brake 1.jpg

brake 2.jpg
Thanks for the response. Maybe they sold me the wrong ones... Guess I'll be calling them this week...
There were major changes in the design of the wheel cylinders in the "1971" time frame.

Here is a chart showing the changeovers by "YRMO" in the left column.

The ‘71 is its own special animal, as the date codes indicate.

Look down the hole. If it has an inverted flare, it is a 72 wheel cylinder, designed for the brake line to thread directly in, as @thebigredrocker suggested. If it is not inverted flare, then it takes the bolt.

But be aware that it is not a simple matter of getting the smaller bolt. The bolts are matched to size-specific banjo fittings.

Before you call SOR, my advice would be to pull the piston on one of your old cylinders and confirm you are dealing with original year parts.

I get this same kind of problem with wheel cylinder customers occasionally, that’s how I know. I also know I appreciate the customers that do some homework before they call me.

Good luck

Spoke with the folks at SOR about the wheel cylinders. They sold me wheel cylinders for a late model 71 (mine is 2/71), as SOR no longer carries the early cylinders that require a union bolt and union. They advised that the late model ones will work fine, you just re-assemble with the new style hardlines and the hardlines go directly into the cylinder. The union and union bolt are simply not used.

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