SOR Aftermarket Suspension--any good?

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Oct 29, 2008
In the valley of the Great Salt Lake.
I thought I had searched pretty extensively for suspension options for my fj62. Yep, read all about OME, Alcans, HFS, even parabolics. I have pretty much made up my mind to go with OME. Today I found the SOR aftermarket suspension. I have searched, but I haven't seen anything (other than on their website) about the SOR aftermarket suspension:

Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 287 Suspension

Usually, no news is not good news. So, anybody have any experience with the SOR suspension? They say the springs are made in the US. Anybody know who makes the springs? Only reason I am investigating this option is it is several hundred dollars cheaper than OME.
They are the devil ..well at least those springs are if they are anything like they was a few years ago. Mine sucked.

OME's are your best option alsong with Alcan currently.

With Alcan communication is important so they know what you need.
Stick with other folks here have had good luck with. Personally I wouldn't run SOR springs unless there was an extensive write up and real world use of them. I like SOR personally but I'd go Alcans if I could swing the coin.
Downey is in the same boat as SOR for me when it comes to suspension. It may be great stuff but no one uses them that is here.
I've got them on my 40 and they are stiff as f*** but i've also got the crappy Pro Comp shocks they reccomend with them. Set up came with my truck. I haven't wheeled them yet so can't comment on that. Gonna switch out the shocks for the Bilstein 5125's and hopefully it will smooth out a little. If you end up going with this set up. DON'T GET THE PROCOMPS!
I have the SOR springs for the '55 and they are fine. Maybe a little stiffer than the BDS on the '60 but they have not sagged at all in over two years on crappy Central American roads.

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