Soooo do i have a mess, Cut housing

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Apr 6, 2011
My Fj is Almost complete, took it to exhaust shop and they also do alignments... It is a soa with alcan springs, Ruff stuff braketry. the wheel base is within 1/8th inch right to left but the housing i had cut an turned by reputable shop is .05 caster on left an 1.5 caster on the right. the camber is 1 positive an 0.....i would have thought they could have got it a lil closer then that.. or is that the norm
If the shop is reputable, they should fix it for you. We got the wheelbase closer than that in my driveway having never done one before. I don't know who did my C&T since I bought the axle already done, but it's within 0.5 degrees.

I don't see how the camber could be off by a degree unless the axle tube is bent, the bearings are worn or the spindle nut is just loose.
i am guessing the 1/8 inch comes from the caster being off, this is the first one we ever did to. being a degree off on caster camber seems to be a bit much to me,

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