Some pics of the new 80..

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
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Awesome cruiser - what color is that?
That better?
Ya...perfect. No roof rack, tow, deflector BS - just like mine. Very cool.

Ditch those GS nerfs before somebody slips through and breaks a leg. I tried them for my 5'2" wife and they are dangerous. They will bend under weight as well.
Switch out the useless nerf for som sliders. Looks nice, congrats.
alkaline...i can't decide either. They clean up nicely though. I think with some BFG's or some type of wider tire they rims won't look as bad.
Congrats the LC looks good.You need to make or buy some sliders.I like the wheels they look good.
Those rims even became OEM for the last GEN I Suzuki Vitaras. They're pretty cool. They are called Rota Rangers over here (Manufacturer: Rota, Model: Ranger).

I think the center caps say 'OFF-ROAD' or something similar.

No need to replace them, IMHO. Maybe a set of mud tires, though.
Still out on the wheels, although my taste in wheels has been known to be a bit on the conservative side :D . Congrats, and welcome, that's a nice lookin rig you got there.

I also agree, the nerf bars need to go, look into some 4PLUS sliders from Man-A-Fre (Neither Slee or Hanna sliders will fit the FJ80).
nice find throw some bfg at's on those rims and itll look even better
Did you happen to pick this 80 up in Oregon? I think I saw an ad for it.

The wheels look similar to those Ivan Stewart wheels off the special edition Tundra's.

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