some one confirm me

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Nov 20, 2005
You Know I own a FJ100 (1FZ-FE with 4 auto) ..

is the T-Case in my ride the HF2A ..

because i thinking about 5.3L to 4L80E to HF2A .. :cool:

there is a kit that Marks in AU sell it to meet the HF2A to 4L80E ..

so any Info ..
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ya .. but my LC not Full time 4wd .. its 2wd .. the V8 is full time from 98 tell now .. the I6 (in UAE) is 2wd from 98 tell 05 .. and the 06 is full time ..

so ist the HF2A or HF1A
ok .. the 4L80E adapter kit sute the HF2A .. will that work with HF1A .. the kit consists of: Two adaptor housings, transfer case input shaft, adaptor housing oil seal, bolts, and instructions .. would it work or not ..
What did Mark say?
i didnt ask him yet .. will the HF1A work or not ..

"At this stage the only way which we can mate a LS1 to your vehicle is to use the GM 4L60-e or 4L80E Automatic transmission, with our adaptor which will mate the GM auto to a HF2A transfercase"


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