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chapel gate

Jan 4, 2009
i know this is a well trodden path, but i need some help coming to a decision on this one.

my cruiser is coming up to 200000 miles and the suspension is pretty tired, one coil has even been broken for the last couple of years!
old man emu seems to be the way to go, but 2" lift or stock height? mediums or standard?

i use my cruiser for everything from fully loaded for camping with a rtt, to completly empty cruising on the motorways down to the south of france.
its also my dd and i can drive up to 80 miles a day fully loaded with tools and a 3 tonne trailer or again, empty including all the rear seats removed.

i would like a lift but the negatives for me are;

problems with height restriction barriers, i go to the tip quit often.

handling effected? increased fuel consumption?

next question is mediums or standard. (or even heavies)?

like i mention above, i go from over loaded to under loaded quite often. i plan to fit a synthetic rope winch one day with the standard bumper. the cruiser also has the 3rd row rear seats.



Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
If you carry a trailer, the OME heavies would be my choice. I had that as my 1st lift & it was fine to me when completely unloaded - think a BMW with aftermarket "sport", not full "race" springs that leave you unhappy with a overly harsh ride - and the stability when trailering is a large improvement.

I had the 2" lift, and there are no negatives - no vibrations sprung up from somewhere else & there's no need for aftermarket/DC driveshafts or any of that - just install & forget it.

Also, the ride & lift never made the 80 feel like I "screwed up" the quality of stability - for trailering it actually felt like a vast improvement (especially in windy situations) & I suspect you will find the same if you are running on a broken spring right now!

If you plan tires larger than 33", then you will need a lifting spring - if height restricts your situaton you'll be absolutely fine with 305/70-16's & a spring that doesn't lift at all, but if they don't make a "heavy" lift in non-lifting springs, I'd make that your primary concern (getting heavy springs).

I had just an empty ARB winch bumper on front, and fully stock rear - the heavy springs felt perfect on the front & the rear were the only ones that felt a little firm (the "sport" springs) when totally unloaded - but the minute I had even 150 pounds of stuff in the back it felt perfect, and anything over that I was especially happy I had gone heavy over standard spring rate.

HTH - it's tough to despcribe a ride in words - any chance you know a few 80 guys who would let you do a few test drives to make a decision that way?

Also, the pics in my "garage" are with the old OME heavy lift & 315's tires - that might help you see the lift after it settles - I never have gotten to updating any pics there with the newer Slee 4" lift.
Jan 10, 2009
Abbotsford B.C.
Have you considered air bags in he back with a small compresser installed so you can air up " on the fly" ? I went the air bag route so I didn't have to go with heavier springs in the back that would have negatively effected the unloaded ride.
I love mine, they work flawlessly.
Apr 14, 2011
Sammamish, WA
Not familiar with Englands height restrictions but from what I heard going from soft stock to firm ome is an increase in handling but a harder ride (not a bad thing).

It sounds like you don't want to do any other mods, brake lines, drive shaft, etc. I think you've already made up your mind on the 2" ome. Just figure out if you want to live with a unloaded rear slightly higher for your daily driving.
Jan 20, 2009
D-Town, Colour State

Top of the morning -

I would say get the heavy set. The truck will sit what looks like a lot higher but will be only two inches if you keep the stock tire. The truck itself is heavy enough that you wont notice a heavy set. Everything is a bit stiffer and not as forgiving but worth it. If you keep the stock tire gas mileage wont be affected too much. I think the heavies a perfect esp in your case where you usually drive with weight or a trailer. Pulling a trailer is nice with the this lift - almost forget its back there. You won't be dispointed. :cheers:

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