Some fj55 and fj40 stuff

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Mar 18, 2006
United States
I got a 3 speed trans that i believe was working fine $25 obo

i got a perfectly working 4speed tranny and tcase out of a 79 with unknown mileage. Comes with bellhousing. Works perfectly it was on my dd. $200 obo

Front and rear pig axle out of a 73, drum all around, $100 for both

I got pig radiator that i beleive may be toyota, AMAZING CONDITION, no rust pitting or anything. Some one wrote on the side $275, i'm gonna ask 200, this radiator is in amazing condition fellas, and that price will stand until i find out it's not a toyota radiator, someone tell me how to check.

I got a set of half doors off of a pig in pretty good shape, but i just want to trade for a set of decent full doors.

Thanks, Sean.
I suppose radiator is sold?
uuuhhhh hemmm MR. 4aplay you gota check the dates... sellers post is from 2009. just trying to help u out.
I saw) I tried and I just learning to manage this site

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