Some family history & cannon(s)

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Jan 6, 2008
So my great grandfather was machinist. He built some cannons for his children and grand children. We believe in 1948.

As some of you local's know there is a small red brick building in Jacksonville below the Britt grounds. Haven't looked in awhile, but at one point was a Christian book store. That building used to be my great grandfathers machine shop.

He built the larger cannon's for his children and and smaller ones for great grandchildren (my mom and others).

Anyway, my uncle past down to me my grandfathers cannon for Christmas. He cleaned it up a bit and had my great grandfathers name engraved on the side with my name beneath it. My mother added to the gift by giving me a framed b/w pictured of my great grandfather working in his shop back in Logan, Utah (we think 1932).

Fully function kah-pow!.

This is the cannon I received. In the flickr link you can see the others made. Every New Years day the fam goes off and has cannon day. THey do some damage :lol:
Yep, Pat Patterson (deceased) was my Grandpa's brother inlaw. Dennis in the picture is his son. The cannon's were made on my side of the family the Berntson's/Robertsons (Robertson Bridge).
shweet! :D
Sooooo what's the cost per shot? :D
Depends on if I can get my hands on the mold ;). Val is saving me lead to melt down. hehe. Guess there is the gun powder and fuse too. For now I just use it to run over Risk and Monopoly game boards and declare myself the winner.
That's really cool Ty! I think it would work great to announce dinnertime at Mcgrew!

I'd love to see it fired a few times!

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