For Sale SOLD SOLD FJ40 Dash, Switches, Pulls, Wall Art?

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Nov 15, 2009
United States
For sale is the dash from a 1972 fj40 it comes with switches and pulls as you see it. I tried to cut it off cleanly but got a little deep from the back above the glove box about 2 inches. The rest is all pretty clean if you wanted to use it to replace a cut up dash. The glove box is solid and was cut at the welds to remove. You could just hang it on the wall if your into landcruiser wall art. Add a glove box door, gauge cluster and ash tray to fill it out. Asking 150.00 buyer pays shipping.





How much to ship it? If not too bad I'll take it.

s*** to 97304.

Crazygreek, I will get a shipping quote, it may take a few days but I will let you know.
Put me next in line. Shipped to 32459. Thanks Mike
Crazygreek, I will get a shipping quote, it may take a few days but I will let you know.
Hah... my eyes are just not what theyused to be...
This from a 73 model not a 72. Radio hole started with the 73 model. The bracket under the radio opening is for the cable to operate the vent in the cowl. That would make a 73 model in the US market. 72 it would be to just the left of radio opening. 74 heater changed and vent was no longer operational in models with a front heater.
For what it is worth both vin tags on the vehicle list as a Nov. 1972 production.
Sorry it has taken me so long to get a quote but I should be able to get them today.
I'll go ahead and back out on this one. Thanks.
Sorry no it sold. I will edit the title.
I have a question about a couple of things I hope someone can answer as follows:

1. What is that switch to the right of the glove box for? I have one of those and don't know what it is supposed to control.

2. Was the speaker for the radio?

3. How is the cowl vent operated? I think my 73 is missing the operating mechanism. I don't see how it's supposed to open.

Sorry that I posted this here on an old thread. I just saw the parts and thought I would ask to see if I could get a response.

#1 is for the darth vader interior light , which I am looking for
I have the identical switch. I thought a PO installed it until I noticed it came out of the factory loom. Then I saw it in this picture so I know it's factory. Can't imagine what it's for. Someone knows!

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