SOLD SOLD - Set of THREE (3) 17" Toyota TRD Rock Warrior wheels/tires (1 Viewer)

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Apr 25, 2016
El Paso, Texas
United States
Recently picked up a set of 4 TRD RWs and BFG KO2s (285/70/R17) with the intent of only keeping one for a spare (already have the same wheels mounted on my 200). So, now looking to sell the remaining 3 wheels.

Two wheels include tires, but not a whole lot of tread and some uneven wear (previous owner experienced some camber issues). The outside of the tires is at around 6-7/32", and the inner side is about 3-4/32" (still have yet to hit the tread marker, though). The third wheel pictured had a tire mounted with even tread (probably was mounted in rear most of the time), but unfortunately it had a small chunk of tread ripped off, so I removed the tire entirely to avoid unnecessary risk. The tires would certainly work as spares to get you out of a pinch, if necessary. Date code on tires is 24th week of 2015.

No major cosmetic flaws on any of the wheels, and the rings/center caps are in good shape overall. Includes valve stems, no TPMS.

$700 firm...looking for a local sale only for now (El Paso, Texas),

If there's no interest, I may just hold on to 'em and use them for a trailer down the road.

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I might be interested in the rim with out the tire as a spare if you want to separate it and ship to NM.

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